Key Features

Easy Installation

The Manuva Board is quick and easy to install and just as simple to take down, requiring no drilling, screwing or permanent fixturing. 

Fully Flexible

The Manuva Board's aluminium frame can be separated from the board, allowing for it to be roped up and used on its own, as well as for travel and storage.

Adjustable Fit

The Manuva Board fits a wide range of door widths (100mm - 200mm). It uses a quick release clamp and rear screw system to lock the board in place.

Training Diversity

The Manuva Board offers a range of holds, from 15mm through to 60mm, plus two 20° slopers up top, allowing for incremental progression in your training.

Thoughtful Design

The Manuva Board has been designed to fit the aesthetics of your home. Its minimalist design looks as good as it performs.

The Board

The Manuva Board was born out of a personal desire for a lightweight hangboard that complimented an ‘on the go’ lifestyle. Here are Manuva we found that most conventional hangboards needed to be permanently installed, lacking portability. Living in rented accommodation we were looking for a board that could move with us from apartment to apartment, or easily packed in a bag to join us on our travels. 

So, we set out in a quest to design the first fixture-less hangboard, one that is with you no matter where you are. Whether you’re training from home, work, a hotel or the crag, the Manuva Board is always available. It is the ultimate compact training companion. 

We’re stoked to say that the Manuva Board is being used all over the world from vanlife Mountain Guides through to military personnel on active duty, and from budding boulderer through to multipitch crusher. 

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.