We have consciously chosen materials for their sustainable qualities as well as their design strengths.

The board has been made from Poplar wood, a fast-growing tree that requires significantly less water than other growths. As with all fast-growing species, poplar trees have the ability to remove carbon dioxide from the air, removing between 70 and 140 litres per hour from the atmosphere and returning the equivalent amount of oxygen. Poplar sequesters carbon dioxide (carbon sink) even after its wood has been transformed into a finished product.

The frame is made from aluminium, one of the most environmentally friendly metals in production. Did you know that aluminium is 100% recyclable and that 75% of the 1 billion tons of aluminium produced in the last 100 years is still in use today? So, after what we hope will be a long-life span, the Manuva Board’s frame can eventually be disassembled and recycled.

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